Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman

When you think of Arabia, you think of the vast deserts, of camel rides, and the setting sun over impossibly perfect sand dunes. That place is indeed Wahiba Sands in Oman. Wahiba Sands is located to the south of Muscat, and you can spend the day driving down there, stopping at lush oasis-like wadis, where you can stop for a swim and a walk as you venture south. Spend a night or two in the desert, staying in luxury tented camps, or something more authentic that reflects the Bedouin-style lifestyles that have eked out a living in this most difficult climate for centuries. The various wadis in the region are well worth a mention. Here you may enjoy a stunning off-road drive through sharp sided Wadi Abraeen, find the perfect palm-lined picnic spot beside a clear pool of water in Wadi Tiwi, or enjoy swimming in the deep canyons of Wadi Bani Khalid.

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Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman Itineraries

This is just a selection of suggested itineraries that are there to help you with your ideas and to start the conversation with us about planning your tailor-made holiday. All our holidays are private for you and your party, and can depart on any day you like. We can adapt and change any element of these journeys, or design an itinerary from scratch around your travelling plans.

Grand Tour of Oman

Muscat - Jabal Akhdar - Jabal Shams - Wahiba Sands - Raz Al Jinz - Salalah  

This Grand Tour of Oman gives you a comprehensive tour of all what Oman has to offer, with the opportunity to extend your time in the Northern region of Musandam, turning it from a two-week trip to a three-week trip.

15 days from £3995 p. p.

Slow Oman

Muscat - Jabal Akhdar - Wahiba Sands - Muscat  

What is a better way to experience Oman than to take your time, explore at a gentler pace and let this magical destination unfold slowly? This journey generally has you in each destination for three days rather than one or two, allowing for lazy afternoons with a good book beside the pool, or a potter through a local village before sitting down to a long lunch.

12 days from £2895 p. p.

Luxury Tour of Oman

Muscat - Jabal Akhdar - Wahiba Sands - Muscat - Zighy Bay  

This luxury tour of Oman uses the most fabulous hotels and private camps to ensure the overall experience is breathtakingly wonderful in every respect.

13 days from £4995 p. p.

Oman self-drive tour

Muscat - Jabal Shams - Wahiba Sands - Muscat  

You may be one of those guests who love your sense of independent adventure, and a self-drive holiday in Oman might be the perfect solution.

8 days from £1605 p. p.

Family Holiday to Oman

Muscat - Raz Al Jinz - Wahiba Sands - Jabal Akhdar - Muscat  

There is so much that will excite your children on a family holiday to Oman. Tales of Arabian nights, of vast golden deserts, bustling souqs, dramatic mountain scenery, turtle watching, and ending with some well-deserved beach time.

10 days from £2995 p. p.

Walking Holiday in Oman

Jabel Akhdar - Jabal Shams - Wahiba Sands - Muscat  

Oman is one of the best trekking destinations in the Middle East, and there are a host of superb walks and hikes to be found.

9 days from £3250 p. p.

Classic Oman

Muscat - Wahiba Sands - Jabal Akhdar - Muscat  

Our Classic Oman tour is a privately chauffeured journey through Oman and showcases the country’s wonderful highlights. Explore Oman’s beautiful beaches, rugged mountain landscapes, pretty villages, palm-fringed wadis, and the sheer beauty of the Arabian desert.

9 days from £2895 p. p.

Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman Accommodation

This is just an overview of the hotels and lodges we feature, from characterful boutique lodges to luxury hotels. We do have a range of other hotels that we use, so if you don't see from our portfolio what you are looking for, we almost certainly know about it and can help plan an itinerary using it.

Carapace Lodge

Carapace Lodge

$ $ $ $ $ Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman  

The Carapace Lodge at the Ras al-Jinz Scientific and Visitors Centre is the perfect base to walk to Ras al-Jinz beach, famous for the nesting place of the endangered green turtle, just 10 minutes from the lodge. It is the best place to see turtles in Oman.

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1000 Nights Camp

1000 Nights Camp

$ $ $ $ $ Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman  

The 1000 Nights Camp is an authentic desert camping experience located in the Wahiba Sands in Oman. 

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Canvas Club Oman, Luxury Tours of Oman

Canvas Club

$ $ $ $ $ Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman  

The Canvas Club is a luxury private camping experience in Wahiba Sands in Oman.

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Desert Nights Camp

$ $ $ $ $ Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman  

The Desert Nights Camp is located eleven kilometres into the dramatic desert of Wahiba Sands in Oman and has 30 luxurious air-conditioned tents.

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Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman Experiences

This is a selection of experiences that allow you to see the destination in new and interesting ways. Almost all our experiences include a private guide, and can be then tailored to your particular interests. Indeed, many of the experiences we offer are created individually for our guests, so this list is by no means conclusive. In fact, we leave a couple of our best ideas up our sleeves for when you enquire with us.

Wadi Shab

Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman   View Experience
Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman

Wadi Tiwi

Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman   View Experience
Oman Holidays

Muscat to Sur Coastal Road

Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman   View Experience

Wadi Al Arbeieen

Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman   View Experience