Dune Bashing in Wahiba Sands

Wahiba Sands (now renamed Sharqiyah Sands) is 6000 years old, and some dunes are 300 feet high, so it makes for a superb desert experience, and there is no better way to experience this than by heading across it in a 4×4. The best place to do this is in Bidiyah. If you have two nights in Wahuba Sands, you can make a crossing full drive through the desert from north to south, stopping for lunch on the beach at Qihayd, where the desert meets the Indian Ocean.


Grand Tour of Oman

Muscat - Jabal Akhdar - Jabal Shams - Wahiba Sands - Raz Al Jinz - Salalah  

This Grand Tour of Oman gives you a comprehensive tour of all what Oman has to offer, with the opportunity to extend your time in the Northern region of Musandam, turning it from a two-week trip to a three-week trip.

15 days from £3995 p. p.

Slow Oman

Muscat - Jabal Akhdar - Wahiba Sands - Muscat  

What is a better way to experience Oman than to take your time, explore at a gentler pace and let this magical destination unfold slowly? This journey generally has you in each destination for three days rather than one or two, allowing for lazy afternoons with a good book beside the pool, or a potter through a local village before sitting down to a long lunch.

12 days from £2895 p. p.

Luxury Tour of Oman

Muscat - Jabal Akhdar - Wahiba Sands - Muscat - Zighy Bay  

This luxury tour of Oman uses the most fabulous hotels and private camps to ensure the overall experience is breathtakingly wonderful in every respect.

13 days from £4995 p. p.

Family Holiday to Oman

Muscat - Raz Al Jinz - Wahiba Sands - Jabal Akhdar - Muscat  

There is so much that will excite your children on a family holiday to Oman. Tales of Arabian nights, of vast golden deserts, bustling souqs, dramatic mountain scenery, turtle watching, and ending with some well-deserved beach time.

10 days from £2995 p. p.

Walking Holiday in Oman

Jabel Akhdar - Jabal Shams - Wahiba Sands - Muscat  

Oman is one of the best trekking destinations in the Middle East, and there are a host of superb walks and hikes to be found.

9 days from £3250 p. p.

Classic Oman

Muscat - Wahiba Sands - Jabal Akhdar - Muscat  

Our Classic Oman tour is a privately chauffeured journey through Oman and showcases the country’s wonderful highlights. Explore Oman’s beautiful beaches, rugged mountain landscapes, pretty villages, palm-fringed wadis, and the sheer beauty of the Arabian desert.

9 days from £2895 p. p.

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1000 Nights Camp

1000 Nights Camp

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The 1000 Nights Camp is an authentic desert camping experience located in the Wahiba Sands in Oman. 

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Canvas Club Oman, Luxury Tours of Oman

Canvas Club

$ $ $ $ $ Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman  

The Canvas Club is a luxury private camping experience in Wahiba Sands in Oman.

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Desert Nights Camp

$ $ $ $ $ Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman  

The Desert Nights Camp is located eleven kilometres into the dramatic desert of Wahiba Sands in Oman and has 30 luxurious air-conditioned tents.

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