Lunch with a Bedouin Family

One of the most fascinating experiences that you can do in Wahiba Sands is to visit the house of a Bedouin family and learn about their daily lives and culture. You will sit down to a delicious local meal and hear about these nomadic people, who maintain their traditional customs and culture, part of which is to extend the most wonderful hospitality to visitors.



Grand Tour of Oman

Muscat - Jabal Akhdar - Jabal Shams - Wahiba Sands - Raz Al Jinz - Salalah  

This Grand Tour of Oman gives you a comprehensive tour of all what Oman has to offer, with the opportunity to extend your time in the Northern region of Musandam, turning it from a two-week trip to a three-week trip.

15 days from £3995 p. p.

Slow Oman

Muscat - Jabal Akhdar - Wahiba Sands - Muscat  

What is a better way to experience Oman than to take your time, explore at a gentler pace and let this magical destination unfold slowly? This journey generally has you in each destination for three days rather than one or two, allowing for lazy afternoons with a good book beside the pool, or a potter through a local village before sitting down to a long lunch.

12 days from £2895 p. p.

Luxury Tour of Oman

Muscat - Jabal Akhdar - Wahiba Sands - Muscat - Zighy Bay  

This luxury tour of Oman uses the most fabulous hotels and private camps to ensure the overall experience is breathtakingly wonderful in every respect.

13 days from £4995 p. p.

Family Holiday to Oman

Muscat - Raz Al Jinz - Wahiba Sands - Jabal Akhdar - Muscat  

There is so much that will excite your children on a family holiday to Oman. Tales of Arabian nights, of vast golden deserts, bustling souqs, dramatic mountain scenery, turtle watching, and ending with some well-deserved beach time.

10 days from £2995 p. p.

Walking Holiday in Oman

Jabel Akhdar - Jabal Shams - Wahiba Sands - Muscat  

Oman is one of the best trekking destinations in the Middle East, and there are a host of superb walks and hikes to be found.

9 days from £3250 p. p.

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1000 Nights Camp

1000 Nights Camp

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The 1000 Nights Camp is an authentic desert camping experience located in the Wahiba Sands in Oman. 

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Canvas Club Oman, Luxury Tours of Oman

Canvas Club

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The Canvas Club is a luxury private camping experience in Wahiba Sands in Oman.

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Desert Nights Camp

$ $ $ $ $ Wahiba Sands & Eastern Oman  

The Desert Nights Camp is located eleven kilometres into the dramatic desert of Wahiba Sands in Oman and has 30 luxurious air-conditioned tents.

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