Oberoi Philae & the Red Sea

Best time to go: October - April
Best for: River Cruises, Ultimate Luxury Holidays, Historical, Culture & Beach

From the desert oasis of the Sahara to the myriad of fish and coral in the Red Sea, Egypt is an eternal land of contrast, mystery, intrigue, and romance. This delightful suggested itinerary combines Cairo, a Nile cruise on the Oberoi Philae & the Red Sea. 

Cairo, where your journey begins, is truly a city of many faces. With the busy spice bazaars and mosques that fill the medieval town to the glass and steel towers that dot the Nile, Cairo offers an undeniably fascinating experience.

The Pyramids at Giza, Memphis, and Sakkara are a delightful start to any tour of Egypt. These are the first of a series of fascinating relics that transpose you back to the Egypt of old. These collective wonders have drawn travellers for centuries.

You will then fly to Aswan, where you will board the Oberoi Philae. This modern, yet undoubtedly sophisticated ship ensures your journey will be relaxing, yet stimulating. As the sugar cane fields and villages of rural Egypt drift by, you will enjoy the delicious food, old-world service, and laid-back opulence. You will occasionally stop to see some of the magnificent temples and buildings left by the ancient Egyptians. Your cruise culminates at Luxor, or Thebes, as it was in ancient times. These breathtaking monuments at Luxor, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings are the highlights of this undeniably mesmerizing destination.

You can extend your stay in Luxor to soak up more of the atmosphere and visit many of the lesser-known, but equally fascinating archaeological sites. If you have had your history-fix, you will drive across the desert to the beach resort town of Hurghada. You will stay away from the crowds at the Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh for five nights (or more).

It is just a suggested itinerary, and we can also tweak and change any element to suit your individual needs.

Guide Pricing

Starting At

  • $5541
    Price per person including all accommodation, private transfers, unique experiences and excluding international flights. We can arrange international flights should you wish.


    • Firstly, spend three nights in Cairo
    • Spend four nights on undoudtedly one of Egypt’s finest Nile cruise boats
    • Afterwards, conclude your visit with five nights on the beach in Hurghada
    • Due to cruise timings, this itinerary starts in Cairo on a Sunday
    • You can tweak and change any element of this itinerary
    Days Location Hotel
    Day 1-3 Cairo Four Seasons First Residence
    Day 4-8 Nile Valley The Oberoi Philae
    Day 9-12 Hughada Oberoi Beach Resort, Sahl Hasheesh
    Day 13 Hughada Fly Home

    Suggested Hotels

    Day 1-3
    Four Seasons First Residence

    Four Seasons First Residence

    $ $ $ $ $  

    The Four Seasons First Residence is Cairo’s foremost luxury hotel and located on the Giza side of the Nile.

    View hotel
    Day 4-8
    The Oberoi Philae

    The Oberoi Philae

    $ $ $ $ $  

    The Oberoi Philae is the definitive luxury Nile cruise ship. From a temperature-controlled pool, luxurious suites, refined dining and the best guides, the Oberoi Philae just gets so many things right.

    View hotel
    Day 9-12

    Oberoi Beach Resort, Sahl Hasheesh

    $ $ $ $ $  

    The spacious all-suite Oberoi Beach Resort, Sahl Hasheesh, is one of Egypt’s finest beach resorts and located in the Red Sea Coast.

    View hotel

    Customise Your Itinerary

    We can tweak and change any element of this itinerary and you can depart on any day you want, add nights here and there, and we can fully customise your day-to-day experiences depending on your interests. Here are just a few ideas of many that we can look at and discuss when we come to plan your tailor-made itinerary.

    A Longer Cruise

    Firstly, The Oberoi Philae also offer a longer 6 night / 7 day itinerary. This undoubtedly gives you a more relaxing cruise. Above all, you are rushing out after having a lovely breakfast or dinner. What's more, you tend to see the main sights in more detail.

    Go in Reverse

    You can also cruise in the opposite direction from Luxor to Aswan. This generally means you start with the older sites in Luxor, and then see the newer sites in Aswan. However, it is more tricky to then link up with the beach destinations.

    Drop the beach

    Occasionally, we find guests don't fancy an Egyptian beach element. We can also offer a few nights in Aswan or Luxor. There are some superb hotels here for some R&R such as the Old Cataract.

    Shorten time in Cairo

    You might not be particularly interested in the attractions of Cairo, maybe except for the Pyramids. You can generally shorten your time here to two nights.

    Combine with Jordan

    A surprisingly wonderful combination or extension is to continue to Jordan. A Nile cruise coupled with visiting Petra makes for a longer three-week itinerary.

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