Wadi Dana Trail

The hamlet of Dana sits above the vast gorge that leads you into the Biosphere Reserve which covers 320 square kilometres. We generally suggest a night at Dana Guest House before setting off on the five-hour walk down to Feynan Eco Lodge, but you could drive there from Amman, the Dead Sea or Petra in the morning the walk down in the afternoon. The reserve’s terrain drops 1500m to sea-level, and the geology switches from limestone to sandstone to granite, all seen during the walk. The eco-systems also change. They vary from lush, well-watered mountain slopes of oak and juniper trees to arid scrubland and a desert-like feel. The fauna on display is also wonderful. You might see eagles, falcons, kestrels and vultures, cuckoos, owls, the Sinai rosefinch and Tristram’s serin; wildcats, caracals, hyenas, jackals, badgers, foxes, wolves, hares, bats, hedgehogs, porcupine, and ibex; snakes, chameleons, and lizards galore. You quite often see Bedouins close to Feynan who will likely invite you in calling ‘Shi’ (tea), and we generally suggest you offer some of your packed lunch as a gift.


Grand Tour of Jordan

Amman - Dana - Feynan - Aqaba - Wadi Rum - Petra - Dead Sea  

This comprehensive privately-chauffered tour of Jordan takes you from tip-to-toe. If you are only planning on visiting Jordan once, then we suggest you give this magical destination two weeks to reveal its secrets.

15 days from £2815 p. p.

Walking Holiday in Jordan

Amman - Dana - Feynan - Petra - Wadi Rum - Dead Sea  

This private walking holiday to Jordan is designed for those who like to get out-and-about and see the country on two feet. We have designed a series of day-walks which allow you to see all the highlights, but also marvel at the natural beauty of Jordan's stunning landscapes.

12 days from £3135 p. p.

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Feynan Eco Lodge

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Feynan Eco Lodge is located at the heart of the Dana Nature Reserve, deep off-the-beaten track in Jordan.

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