Tour of Petra

The city of Petra is as dramatic as you always imagined, hewed from the rose-red rocks of the mountains that kept it a secret until it was rediscovered by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in 1812. Established by the Nabateans in the 3rd century BC, they carved out palaces, tombs, temples, stables and storerooms into the surrounding mountains. Petra became an important stop on the caravan trading route between east and west. At its height, it is said that Petra was home to 30,000 people. When trade switched to the sea, Petra was deserted, only being home to the odd Bedouin who lived in its many caves. It takes about half a day to truly see the secrets which Petra has to reveal.

We will provide you a private guide from the entrance until the Qasr El-Bint temple, from where you can independently walk up to the Monastery. The privately guided tour takes about 2-3 hours allowing you for an afternoon of independent exploration of Petra.

You begin the day by walking through the Siq, a narrow canyon-way of about 800 metres. You will then see the famous Treasury glimpsing out before you, known locally as Al Khazneh. The Treasury is actually a tomb, but the local belief was that an Egyptian pharaoh hid his treasure in the top urn. 

You then walk on to the Outer Siq, known as the Street of Facades which contain about 40 tombs carved into the sandstone. You then approach the Theatre, built by the Nabataeans and chiselled out of rock. It was expanded by the Romans to seat 8,500. Should you want, you can make the 45-minute ascent to the High Place of Sacrifice (see our Hidden Petra tour).

You then pass the Royal Tombs, which offer some of the finest carvings in Petra. These are reached via a series of steps from close to the Theatre. Here you can again opt for another side-trip taking about 1 hour to the the flattened High Place of Jebel Khubtha (see Hidden Petra), which provides you with the best views of the Treasury. 

The path turns west along the colonnaded street which once was home to countless shops and a bustling market. You then arrive at the Great Temple, dating from the first century BC. The Great Temple was once adorned in striking red-and-white stucco. Continue to Qasr Al Bint, one of the few free-standing structures in Petra. 

You are then free to have lunch at either the Nabataean Tent Restaurant or better Basin Restaurant before proceeding to the Monastery in the afternoon, or explore some of Hidden Petra.


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Cairo - Luxor - Aswan - Amman - Petra - Wadi Rum - Dead Sea  

Delve into timeless antiquity in undoubtedly two of the world’s most historically rich destinations, Egypt & Jordan. 

16 days from £3465 p. p.

Jordan & Jerusalem

Amman- Petra - Dead Sea - Jerusalem  

This wonderful private journey combines the rich cultural delights of Jordan and historic Jerusalem. You will be immersed in these biblical landscapes that are steeped in history.

11 days from £2500 p. p.

Slow Jordan

Amman - Petra - Dead Sea  

This journey to Jordan is perfect for those who like to enjoy their travel slowly. Slow Jordan is a privately-chauffered suggested tour that does precisely that, gently meandering around the cultural delights of this magical destination. You spend three or four nights in many places rather than two, so you have more time to sit …

11 days from £2015 p. p.

Grand Tour of Jordan

Amman - Dana - Feynan - Aqaba - Wadi Rum - Petra - Dead Sea  

This comprehensive privately-chauffered tour of Jordan takes you from tip-to-toe. If you are only planning on visiting Jordan once, then we suggest you give this magical destination two weeks to reveal its secrets.

15 days from £2815 p. p.

Family Holiday to Jordan

Amman - Petra - Wadi Rum - Dead Sea  

This wonderful family holiday to Jordan includes all the amazing experiences that excite children. Explore Roman cities, invoke your inner Indiana Jones at Petra, take a camel ride in Wadi Rum and float on the Dead Sea.

9 days from £1385 p. p.

Walking Holiday in Jordan

Amman - Dana - Feynan - Petra - Wadi Rum - Dead Sea  

This private walking holiday to Jordan is designed for those who like to get out-and-about and see the country on two feet. We have designed a series of day-walks which allow you to see all the highlights, but also marvel at the natural beauty of Jordan's stunning landscapes.

12 days from £3135 p. p.

Classic Jordan

Amman - Petra - Wadi Rum - Dead Sea  

This classic eight-day private tour of Jordan explores the rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes of Jordan. You'll have your own private driver in a modern air-conditioned vehicle and we will provide the finest private guides to bring this magical destination to life.

8 days from £1465 p. p.

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