Medinas & Mountains

Best time to go: September - May
Best for: Cultural & Immersive, Historical, First Time Visitor

Fez and Marrakech are undeniably Morocco’s most iconic and evocative cities, packed with all the magical charm that makes Morocco so mesmerising. This itinerary allows you an immersive experience of both, and additionally, some gentle R&R in the mountains to conclude your trip.

You firstly begin in Fez. The city isn’t the easiest place to fly into, however, you can fly here with Ryanair from London Stansted. Moreover, this will allow for three nights in the city. If you aren’t keen on Ryanair, you can fly with Royal Air Maroc into Casablanca and have a night there before you drive to Fez the next day.

With three nights in Fez, you will have ample chance to fully immerse yourself in the main highlights. On the day you arrive, we suggest arriving at the hotel and afterwards just putting your feet up. Maybe have a mint tea on the terrace of your Riad before feasting on your first Moroccan tagine. The following day, you will be met by your private expert guide and taken on a walking tour of Fez. We have crafted a unique and immersive way to do this, taking you to some of the more hidden areas of the city.

The medina in Fez is unquestionably one of the most authentic in Morocco. Indeed, you’ll pass camel butchers, leatherworkers and haberdashers. Later, see medieval fondouks which were resting rooms for travelling merchants. You then experience the aromatic pungency of the tanneries before having your senses restored with a mint tea on a roof terrace. Lunch can be taken at the wonderful Ruined Garden.

You then have the chance to see a little of the countryside surrounding Fez the next day. First visit Meknes, an ancient city with a historic medina that is worth exploring. Afterwards, continue to Moulay Idriss, a holy white-washed town perched on a hillside. It is the perfect place for lunch at Scorpion House. Afterwards, walk down to the Roman city of Volubilis, a leisurely 5km walk through little villages (we can drive you if you don’t want to walk). Volubilis is one of the best-preserved Roman towns in North Africa. There are stunning mosaics and evocative columns that are still standing. 

Your time in Fez is complete, and you then will fly to Marrakech, a short flight of about 40 minutes. Marrakech was a fabulously rich trading post linking the wild Sahara and the ports on the Mediterranean where goods made their way to Europe. On the whole, It’s really worth spending three nights here. You will of course be staying in the heart of the medina in a boutique riad. 

On your first day, we firstly suggest spending the day getting to know the city with your private guide. With this in mind, you begin by exploring some of the cultural and historical highlights. Begin at the Koutoubia Mosque, located on the edge of the Djemaa el-Fna square, before walking to the 16th century Saadian Tombs. After passing the walls of the mighty El Badi Palace, you enter the Jewish Quarter or Mellah. Following lunch, you delve into the souks. Each area specialises in a different item, see sheepskins, jewellery, leather, blacksmiths, slippers, coppersmiths, dyers and apothecaries. We’ll also stop at Le Jardin Secret for some time in a traditional medina garden for a mint tea.

The next day allows a range of possibilities, and we will tailor the day depending on your interests. You might just want the day at leisure to explore on your own or enjoy a day on the roof terrace of your riad. If you want to get out and about, then we can arrange a hot-air balloon ride over the Agafay Desert at sunrise. For the more adventurous we can take you on traditional sidecars through the New Town. For those with more of an interest in off-the-beaten-track Marrakech, we can equally take you to some quirky museums, iconic secret gardens, or parts of the city where the tourists don’t tend to explore.

After your three days in Marrakech, and time in Fez, you will undoubtedly be wanting to breathe in the fresh pure air of the Atlas Mountains. Indeed, you are just an hour from the heart of the High Atlas Mountains. We suggest two nights (or more) of R&R. We can take you on some leisurely walks to Berber villages, and also possibly visit a local home for a mint tea. It is, however, a great chance to sit by the pool looking out over dramatic landscapes. 

For those who want to extend their time in Morocco, we can also take you across to the coast for a few more days of R&R. Alternatively, we can include a visit to the Sahara Desert between Fez and Marrakech (see our Grand Tour of Morocco for more details).

Guide Pricing

Starting At

  • £2295
    Price per person including all accommodation, private transfers, unique experiences and excluding international flights. We can arrange international flights should you wish.


    • Explore two incredible Medinas in Fez and Marrakech
    • Have your own private guides and drivers
    • An amazing selection of immersive experiences
    • Spend a few days of R&R in the Atlas Mountains
    Days Location Hotel
    Day 1-3 Fez Riad Fes
    Day 4-6 Marrakech Le Farnatchi
    Day 7-8 Atlas Mountains Kasbah Bab Ourika
    Day 9 Fly Home

    Suggested Hotels

    Day 1-3
    Riad Fes in Fez, Morocco

    Riad Fes

    $ $ $ $ $  

    Riad Fes is the most arguably Fez’s most iconic, upmarket riad. Grand, traditional, yet chic and luxurious, Riad Fes seems to blend old and new, trendy and stylish with effortless ease.   

    View hotel
    Day 4-6

    Le Farnatchi

    $ $ $ $ $  

    Le Farnatchi is located in the heart of the Medina and is unquestionably one of the finest Riads in Marrakesh. It perfectly blends contemporary living with traditional Moroccan architecture.  

    View hotel
    Day 7-8

    Kasbah Bab Ourika

    $ $ $ $ $  

    Kasbah Bab Ourika is a luxury boutique hotel located in the Ourika Valley in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.   

    View hotel

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