Wadi Farasa Hike in Petra

The Wadi Farasa Hike is a perfect chance to explore Petra more on a second-day for those who fit and active and enjoy a steep walk. The total walk takes about 2.5 hours. You begin at the Street of Facades and set off on a steep path towards the High Place of Sacrifice, a 45-minute ascent. The site is, as its as its name suggests, but particularly of interest are the 6m obelisks carved out of sandstone, as well as the alters. You then continue into Wadi Farasa. You firstly stop at Lion Monument. This may have been a drinking fountain, to offer devotees heading to the High Place of Sacrifice some refreshment. The Garden Triclinium, a simple cave overlooked by a huge tree in a beautiful, hidden setting, which got its name from the carpet of green that sprouts in springtime in front of the portico. Below is the Roman Soldier Tomb. There are two facades here, which were once had a colonnaded courtyard and garden between them. You then walk down to the base of the wadi and pass the Renaissance Tomb and Broken Pediment Tomb. You emerge from the wadi and pass Zantur where there are current excavations revealing rich residential Nabatean mansions. The path from Wadi Farasa eventually curls around to the western flank of the Zantur hill, and Amud Faraoun (“Pharaoh’s Column”), also called Zibb Faraoun (“Pharaoh’s Phallus”). You then arrive at Qasr al-Bint where you find the two restaurants serving lunch.


Slow Jordan

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This journey to Jordan is perfect for those who like to enjoy their travel slowly. Slow Jordan is a privately-chauffered suggested tour that does precisely that, gently meandering around the cultural delights of this magical destination. You spend three or four nights in many places rather than two, so you have more time to sit …

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Grand Tour of Jordan

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This comprehensive privately-chauffered tour of Jordan takes you from tip-to-toe. If you are only planning on visiting Jordan once, then we suggest you give this magical destination two weeks to reveal its secrets.

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Walking Holiday in Jordan

Amman - Dana - Feynan - Petra - Wadi Rum - Dead Sea  

This private walking holiday to Jordan is designed for those who like to get out-and-about and see the country on two feet. We have designed a series of day-walks which allow you to see all the highlights, but also marvel at the natural beauty of Jordan's stunning landscapes.

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