In a Nutshell

La Maison De L’Oasis is a stunning collection of two Berber houses located in the palm groves of Tighmert in southern Morocco. La Maison De L’Oasis is usually the second stop on Dar Ahlam’s Memory Road (also known as the La Route De Sud), and you will be the only guests here. Tighmert is a lush oasis on the fringes of the Sahara Desert. 


At a Glance

  • Lovely boutique hotel on the Dar Ahlam ‘Memory Road’ journey
  • Furthermore, the La Maison De L’Oasis is only taken exclusively, and can sleep up to six
  • Split over two houses next door to each other
$ $ $ $ $

The Detail

They have used traditional techniques in the construction, using rammed earth walls (pisé), Tataouine-style wooden ceilings, and a lovely sit-out shielded by dromedary-hair tent covers. A nearby local women’s cooperative has made these. Here you can kick back and read a book on one of the comfortable seats or rocking chair.

Each house has a living room, bedroom with also an en-suite bathroom. These gave both a shower and a bathtub.

Dining is a rather indulgent affair, yet sourcing locally produced ingredients.

Nearby, you can explore Amtoudi, where you find one of the best-preserved Agadir or fortified granaries. Here, they set up a private picnic with stunning views over the countryside. You also visit the Akka palm groves, which make for an enjoyable short walk.

Millis Potter Insight

Firstly, this gorgeous off-the-beaten-track gem forms part of Dar Ahlam’s Memory Road itinerary. La Maison De L’Oasis is usually the second stop on your journey, however, you can opt to do the route in reverse. Furthermore, you can opt to spend a second night here. For instance, you can just spend a day reading a good book on the terrace. It is important to note that the house is only taken exclusively. In order to get the price down, take along up to six fellow travellers. After all, what’s more special than having this remote bolt-hole as the ultimate house party?

La Maison De L’Oasis Itineraries

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The Memory Road – Morocco’s Secret South

Marrakech - Azrarag - Tighmert - Aojou - Iriki - Skoura  

Memory Road is an exclusive four-wheel drive luxury adventure through the off-the-beaten-track delights of southern Morocco, which quite simply takes the experience of Morocco to a whole new level.

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