Tour of Hampi (Day Two)

On your second day, contine your private tour of Hampi’s stunning ruins. You start by seeing the ‘Sister Stones’, a natural archway created by two giant leaning boulders. You then spend the rest of the day in the Royal Citadel. Explore the palaces, Queens Bath, Elephant Stages, Hazara Rama Temple and finally the octagonal watchtower. This is a wonderful example of the military architecture of the Vijayanagara Empire. This tour follows your first day in Hampi.



Hyderabad, Hampi and the Indian Ocean

Hyderabad - Hampi - Gokarna - Goa  

This private tour of Hyderabad, Hampi, Gokarna, and Goa gives you a wonderful combination of bustling cities, the amazing historical ruins of Hampi and time to spend on the beaches of Gokarna and Goa.

12 days from £3775 p. p.

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