Private Culinary Tour of Hyderabad Cuisine: A Foodie’s Heaven

The Biryani Private Tour

The cuisine of India is famous for the variety that it offers. Influences of the various dynasties that ruled this country and use of the local ingredients and spices have created a spectacular cuisine in each part of the country. The same is true even of Hyderabad which borrowed heavily from the Persians and Mughals, added the local flavours and evolved a distinctive cuisine. One of the most popular dishes of this cuisine is the Biryani. Technically speaking, it is just a dish of rice and meat cooked with some spices but it evokes the most passionate emotions among many foodies. A good part of the Indian lifetime is spent hotly debating about which the best Biryani and wondering about its origins. This tour will reveal the delectable path that this dish has taken across the different parts of India.

On this tour, we will enjoy a sumptuous meal with one of the traditional families in Hyderabad. The lady of the house, Begum Mumtaz is acknowledged as one of the leading experts of Hyderabadi cuisine and is invited to give cooking lessons to the top chefs across the world.

The Andhra Spice Detour – 2 to 4 hours

This region is known for its spicy food and numerous chutneys made of almost anything! We will take a walk around a typical Indian vegetable market and get an understanding ofdecc the evolution of this region’s cuisine and the spices that are used widely.

We will then visit a typical Andhra family and share a meal with them. The meal will consist of tamarind rice, vegetables, lentils with greens and a variety of pickles and chutneys.

 Indian Vegetarian Detour

No country offers options to the vegetarians as India does. No other country can rival the variety and ingenuity of India’s vegetarian cuisine. From local home-cooked delicacies of greens cooked with lentils to the ‘food for gods’ – pure temple food in a southern village of lemon or yoghurt rice, the flavors and art of transforming vegetables into delectable dishes remains unparalleled. Experience the chaos of the vegetable and fruit markets and get to know the evolution of Indian vegetarian cuisine. And yes, apart from ending with a great meal, you will go back home with a bunch of simple recipes and techniques. Consider this a tasty crash course in India’s vegetarian tradition!

Old City Food Walk (About 3 hours)

Very few cities in the world can claim to be synonymous with a single dish. This is true in the case of Hyderabad though where the mere reference to the city evokes an immediate discussion about the Biryani, a dish which is a delectable mix of meat and rice cooked with spices. For a true Hyderabadi though, the obsession goes beyond this dish. A typical Hyderabadi will spend hours debating the best place to have a cup of Irani tea and friendships have been threatened over arguments of the best Haleem joints in town. The cuisine of Hyderabad is a result of its history of over four centuries and the involvement with food is more than just to satisfy a basic need; in fact, the right to good food is often taken for granted by the people of this city. On this food walk through the busy markets and by-lanes of the old city, you will get a glimpse into the food ethos of this region as well as get a first- hand experience of the Hyderabadi passion for good food!

On the walk, we will explore one of the oldest vegetable markets, make our way through some of the best breakfast snacks in town, participate in the Hyderabadi pastime of sipping cups of Irani tea with Osmania biscuits, bite into warm, just baked local bread and watch the efforts that go into preparing some of the best delicacies this region has to offer.


Hyderabad, Hampi and the Indian Ocean

Hyderabad - Hampi - Gokarna - Goa  

This private tour of Hyderabad, Hampi, Gokarna, and Goa gives you a wonderful combination of bustling cities, the amazing historical ruins of Hampi and time to spend on the beaches of Gokarna and Goa.

12 days from £3775 p. p.

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