Experiences around 360 Leti

There are a range of things you can do during your stay at 360 Leti. The 8-hour Waterfall Trek is relatively flat, and the mountain scenery is amazing. You go via the village of Gogina reaching a beautiful waterfall that makes a great backdrop for a picnic lunch. The Shiva Shrine Walk takes about three hours of walking through oak firests, taking you to a Shiva shrine that has views over the Ramganga Valley, Heeramani Glacier and Nanda Kot. Stop for a picnic lunch overlooking these amazing views. The Ramganga River Walk takes about six hours and leads you down to the river below for a picnic lunch, the only downside being you have to walk back up after lunch! The Khadaa Dhunga Walk takes about five to six hours of (uphill) walking, and offers amazing views as you walk up. You can even do this really early in the morning and see the sunrise from the top.

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360 Leti

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360 Leti is a luxury mountain retreat located totally off-the-beaten track in the Indian Himalayas offering just four amazing cottages with fantastic views.

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