In a Nutshell

The Sonesta Amirat is one of the most luxurious traditional Dahabiya’s to cruise along the Nile Valley between Aswan and Luxor in Egypt.

At a Glance

  • One of the finest Dahabiya’s to cruise the Nile
  • Personal service
  • Docks in more remote locations
  • Can be chartered for larger groups or families
$ $ $

The Detail

With just five cabins and two suites, you are guaranteed to have an intimate and relaxed cruising experience. The decor reflects the mode of transport used when ‘grand tourists’ came to Egypt to explore the sights of the Nile Valley. The cruise takes seven nights, longer than the three or four nights that the larger ships take. This allows you time to truly enjoy a slow trip along the Nile. With just a maximum of 14 guests, you have an exclusive insight into the main sights, led by expert Egyptologists.

The cabins are small, at just 15sqm including the bathroom. That said, they feature individual climate control, hairdryers, mini-bar, safe deposit boxes, TVs with multiple movie channels. The larger suites have private terraces at the bow of the ship. There is an open-air oriental style jacuzzi, spacious sundeck, and lounge. Al la carte dining is included, as well as the excursions to the main Egyptian sites.

Sonesta Amirat Dahabiya Itineraries

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