In a Nutshell

Naksel Boutique Hotel & Spa is a small and comfortable hotel with some of the best views of any property in the Paro Valley.

At a Glance

  • Naksel is located on the ridge overlooking the Paro Valley, offering views over Mt Jomolhari
  • Comfortable and affordable pine-clad rooms in cottages in the gardens, or in the main lodge
  • The road to the lodge is a little bumpy, but it’s worth it
  • You can head off on walks through the local orchards and villages which is really rewarding
$ $ $
Boutique Hotel

The Detail

Naksel is located on a ridge above the Paro Valley, and you get there by driving along a bumpy dirt road past apple orchards, potato fields and rice paddies. When you arrive in the village of Ngoba, turn back, and you will see the shimmering snow-clad peak of Jumolhari popping up above the foothills with the Tigers Nest Monastery in the foreground – quite the view!

The architecture is very Bhutanese, with the main building surrounded by various cottages containing more rooms. Local ornate wooden carvings and traditional windows really make you feel like you are in Bhutan. In the main house, you will find the restaurant and bar and a few of the rooms. Move into the grounds, and you will find the spa. On offer are a range of treatments and a welcome relief after walking up Tigers Nest Monastery.

The pine-clad rooms are tastefully furnished, featuring Bhutanese rugs and local artwork. You also enjoy underfloor heating in the bathrooms, excellent views, flatscreen TVs and minibars. You get more space as you go up through the various room categories, with the addition of bathtubs. Our pick of the rooms is the Deluxe Rooms in the cottages. These have a nice balcony overlooking the mountains.

Naksel Boutique Hotel & Spa Itineraries

Travel is all about those unique and special moments which make you smile. Our aim is simple: to offer exceptionally unique and innovative itineraries that are totally personalised around you.

Family Adventure to Bhutan & Oman

Kathmandu - Thimphu - Punakha - Paro - Dhulikhel - Muscat  

There are so many varied experiences in Bhutan that children will absolutely adore.  It is an adventure playground, where you can trek through remote villages, raft down Himalayan rivers, visit monasteries meeting Buddhist monks who are the same age of them, make prayer flags and even create their own stamps. If you children are under …

15 days from £3995 p. p.

Druk Path Trek and Bumdra High Camp

Kathmandu - Druk Path Trek - Thimphu - Bumdra High Camp - Paro  

The Druk Path Trek is the old historic trail linking Thimphu and Paro in Bhutan giving you the chance to escape the main road and into what the Himalayas is all about: the amazing mountains!

11 days from £4220 p. p.

Walking in Bhutan

Kathmandu - Paro - Thimphu - Punakha - Gangtey - Bumthang - Paro - Dhulikhel  

Dust off your trekking boots and travel to one the most untouched and beautiful corners of the Himalayas in Bhutan, trekking through remote villages, off-the-beaten-track.

18 days from £5320 p. p.

Land of the Thunder Dragon: Complete Bhutan

Kathmandu - Thimphu- Punakha - Gangtey - Bumthang - Paro - Dhulikhel  

For many guests who travel to Bhutan, they leave the country wanting a little bit more, and it’s not a place you will likely have the opportunity to return to anytime soon. Guests always ask what further gems lie down the road before they have to turn back to Paro. Bumthang is worth the drive out …

15 days from £4195 p. p.

Hidden Bhutan

Kathmandu - Thimphu - Gangtey - Punakha - Haa - Bumdra High Camp - Paro - Dhulikhel  

Get off-the-beaten track in Bhutan and delve into its hidden interior on a private tour, perfect for a second-time trip or those with an adventurous spirit.

14 days from £3780 p. p.

Mountains & Monasteries: Classic Bhutan

Kathmandu - Thimphu - Gangtey - Punakha - Paro - Dhulikhel  

This two-week suggested itinerary gives you the perfect blend of everything that makes Bhutan such a magical destination; amazing views, local culture and walks.

12 days from £3475 p. p.

Tiger’s Nest and the Highlights of Bhutan

Kathmandu - Thimphu - Punakha - Paro  

Explore the main highlights of Bhutan, experiencing the dramatic scenery, incredible culture and amazing architecture in Thimphu, Punakha and Paro.

11 days from £2945 p. p.

Luxury Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

Kathmandu - Annapurna Trek - Punakha - Paro - Dhulikhel  

Snow-capped mountains, Buddhist Monasteries, trekking and historic cities await you on a luxury private tour of Nepal and Bhutan, a perfect combination that makes the most of your time in the mountains.

14 days from £3750 p. p.


Travel is all about those unique and special moments which make you smile. Our aim is simple: to offer exceptionally unique and innovative itineraries that are totally personalised around you.