Full Day Wadi Rum Jeep Drive

A longer 4×4 jeep drive through Wadi Rum is the best way to see this remarkable desert. You are usually driven by a bedouin driver from Wadi Rum village. You will explore Lawrence Spring, Khasali Canyon, Um Fruth rock bridge, Burddah Rock Bridge in the morning. You will have a traditional desert lunch. Set off in the afternoon to explore Barragh canyon where you can set off on a short desert hike. Cross Wadi Um Ishreen to visit Lawrence’s house, before finishing at the The Red Sand Dune for sunset.

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Bespoke Hideaways Discovery Bedu Camp

Bespoke Hideaways Discovery Bedu Camp

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Bespoke Hideaways Discovery Bedu Camp is the most exclusive and luxurious offering in Wadi Rum in Jordan. With just six tented suites, you will have an unforgettably intimate experience of this dramatic desert.

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