Bethany-Beyond-the-Jordan is located close to the Dead Sea on the Jordan River, and is the place where John the Baptist was said to preach, and also where Jesus was baptised. It is also where the first five apostles met, and where the prophet Elijah ascended into heaven on a whirlwind. There are now a handful of Christian churches to visit, and the walk through the path down to the Jordan is pleasant. 


Jordan & Jerusalem

Amman- Petra - Dead Sea - Jerusalem  

This wonderful private journey combines the rich cultural delights of Jordan and historic Jerusalem. You will be immersed in these biblical landscapes that are steeped in history.

11 days from £2500 p. p.

Grand Tour of Jordan

Amman - Dana - Feynan - Aqaba - Wadi Rum - Petra - Dead Sea  

This comprehensive privately-chauffered tour of Jordan takes you from tip-to-toe. If you are only planning on visiting Jordan once, then we suggest you give this magical destination two weeks to reveal its secrets.

15 days from £2815 p. p.

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Kempinski Ishtar

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